Friday, 31 October 2014

Search of a better craft-man

Search of a better craft-man

Remember the star, hung in the dark,
With a feeble light, spiralling stark,
From time and space, That once aligned,
Two entities of grace, In body, soul and mind.

Lit alive

In a deem of endless tire, 
Sometimes water, sometimes fire, 
We raised as a virtue, tool and grace, 
In a bid to stay and hold our space.   

A toss from a tumble in the sea, 
Instructions to tell, a shrub from a tree, 
The world was started in a clear trace, 
To define just "we" and point "our place".   

Too soon however, a will we acquired, 
To hold a credence with the well admired, 
To furnish, to keep up the pace, 
In a neck to neck and race to race.   

All we make, is damaged or repaired, 
By a simple question of how we faired, 
yet we ask each moment, each case, 
Subject to the evolution of our face.   

But the truth beneath, stays unheard, 
To me, you, the sane and blurred, 
The wick till the bottom of its base, 
Is a candle, when it glows and till it stays.

An abyss


In a world unknown and heired,
 Sometimes clung, sometimes paired,
With a name, place, animal or thing,
Pushed to strive and forced to sing;  

Within a hive that seldom cared,
About the closures, yet it faired,
Well, to all our belief,
Open to change and tolerant to grief;  

The echoes however, give their way,
As we span the abyss, falling each day,
We hear only those, who pass our sides,
The bottom is nothing, an abyss confides.  

the songs that we mostly shared,
Our dreams of flight, the falls we feared.
From songs that we mostly shared,
The dream one had, the falls one feared.  

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Evolution and Biotechnology.

If we are made of cells and organs and the countless sensations we suppose are travelling within, then they all must be happening in an effective synchrony to provide our brains a constant calibration and orientation of beings. Our being is Human and evolving.

Soon after the human began looking for answers on the inside of its physical existence, it configured the anatomy of life and understanding of the processes in detail, giving birth to present day biology and medical science. The two streams have co existed fuelling a grand spectrum of bio technologies

With the age of technology, we are now trying to better the existing odds of life and taking the the process of evolution, picturesquely under the basics of sciences and geometry of mathematics.

There are several overviews of an organism, ranging from biochemistry, microbiology, molecular chemistry and now emerging Genomics - the study of genes and expressions within the DNA.

All About The Human Genome Project (HGP)

The volume of information we have achieved about the living cell has outgrown files and has become data banks with direct offers for the public to get their biological information figured or preserved for future possibilities. All managed by the Information Technology going global and strikingly native.

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology

Evolution is generally understood as a pattern over generations, however, there is a more real time factor of evolution in the study of genes and cell functions in specific organs.

Somehow, in every cell, in humans, DNA is present as such that it is approximately 300,000,000 base pairs long and has a binary code. This binary code is a result of categorization of base pairs into double bond and triple bond.

There is an additional coding of possibilities in the 4 different base pairs that connect between the double stranded helix of each DNA.

All amounts to a series of chemical interactions of matter in an organized, sustainable and possibly self replicating pattern or order.

Where ever it may have started, it continues to evolve at every opportunity of growth and sustenance.

Now Colonies, plants and even organs and organisms can be cultivated in containers. However, it is practised under the guidelines of social ethics and scientific liberties. Experimenting on Humans is still a protected area.

Cloning Fact Sheet

With emergence of cloning techniques, there is an odd silence facing the process of evolution which occurs over a natural selection. If life can be engineered entirely then we stand a chance to create and recreate biological entities of desire and need, eventually dissolving or taking control of the evolutionary phenomenon . It is, However, still an overstatement.

Laid on the principles of elementary Physics and Chemistry, BioTechnologies and the cloning techniques are only means of understanding, Predicting and manipulating the nature and behaviour of biological matter within certain limits.

We are mastering our equipment with each experiment and understanding the notes of life, but are still unsure of the music we should create with it.

Ironicaly, we can not create DNA. We can only replicate it from a source.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014



In the end, how I die,
Is a moment I meet the sky,
The world created before I came,
constellated as a charted game,
For me to part, myself so even,
fine and so distinguishably weaven,
Holding a fort, concluding the storm,
Of rambling breaths in human form,
Till no more I walk, think or dream,
Consume a story, a lively scream.

Monday, 27 October 2014

The world is a dot

Does it ever occur to you that growing up creates an illusion that the universe is shrinking and the only way to resist this shrinking is realization.

The world is a dot

What does it all bring us to,
Our senses conjoined, if not,
Reaping a sky deep Blue,
A lifetime coined, a moment sought,

In turning this stone, in dreaming a lot,
Shaping our world from things we caught.

Till when a call brings to our dive,
A fall defined, a closing plot,
Reaping the shares of our hive,
a nobel beleif, A battle fought.

In turning the stone, in dreaming a lot,
Shaping our world from dreams we lost.

Then it falls, all from the sight,
Our senses conjoined, in a clot
guided by pulses, breath and light,
We seive through memory, spot by spot.

In turning as stone, still dreaming a lot,
Shaping our world dot by dot.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

The pain of falling leaves - Carbon Footprints

The pain of falling leaves - Carbon Footprints

Lifetimes are meant to last forever
If We may live it clever,
How ever

But We may now live in peace
Oh, with the trees
The forests gave us more than shade
To stand under that we have made

As They bade
In this silent retreat
An orchid’s fleet
We ate the mountains and their rocks
And all the yields of tiring crops

A River’s drops
Beauty turning brief
Burdened with grief
Now in distance we set our sight
Hoping in treasures of that light

A future bright
But hunger has us breaking the seeds
Oh, the pain of falling leaves

Wars and Closures

War is Closing

We raise our will, with redundant drills,
that let us lay and lead to our fills,
Till all that remains is to hit and strike,
Two stones from the way building a hike.
Hoping a hope, favoured in turn,
To a moment of heat, intended to burn,
Break and tenderize, the savoured little
We managed meanwhile, from deeds brittle

And then a reversal, of fated days,
Stands and stares, tearing our gaze,
Showing us clear, in abundant light,
The bricks we laid for memorials in sight.

Some joined hands some bent their knees,
Facing the idols  or fearing the seas,
Of tales well told in spate of relief,
Yet enchanted in moulded belief.


Shapeless still, conformed we bear,
Words with meanings, loud and clear,
But none that may hold up our endless sling,
In Metaphors of life with wars closing.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

The sounds in a conversation

The sounds in a conversation

In a murmur, thankful to speech,
I step-hop, jump, leap and reach,
Seeds from past, to gauge and conform,
From one to many, with all in each.

Like strings in the air, drawn just to teach,
The patterns of sound, waves crashing a beach,
Placed in present, to engage and inform,
From lips to the ears, we learn the breach.

The worth however, is in how well,
We build our sight, understand and tell,
A fraction to future, to conclude and reform,
From then till now, in time as we fell.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Winter Poetic

Winter Poetic

Tilting time and breaking just,
Flow of water such in a hold
that embraced the breeze now must
Spurn a chill unfurl unfold

woven white such in a sprawl
Spanning patterns well concerned
Warmth beholding crystals’ fall
Wailing and upheld un-urned

Snowed and a dowsed  ground
Winter such you come adorned
That Vowed to your solemn sound
I sing unravelled and unthroned

  Accross cultures, there are few instances as encouraging as the the viabeauant spirit of celebration in the coldness of winter.

At the time when water starts standing, we find a reason in stories to embrace the chills by gathering and conforming traditions rooted natively in our belief.

Winter of past

Inevitable, it is that time of year again
the season of flowers, followed by summers and rain
winters must wait, now yet another year
and chills, these pleasant faces, would not have to bear

the forests would flaunt, with breeze a greener a cloak
and shoulders of silk, as the sun they soak
children would too, now bring out some toy
with mornings less lazy, to jump out and enjoy

the rivers will bulge, to a louder size
and nests lay crazy with the offspring’s cries
the cattle would too,not scramble through waste
with food and drinks in abundance of taste

dear dying winters, do not be saddened by this
more than all others, it is you I will miss
and all memories to us that belong
your saddened mornings that barely lasted long 

like flowers that bloom under your wing
and wonder of night, of cold dithering
 like the simple thought of those fingers
the warmth I felt, if only it were winters

Silence, even in its emptiness can hold us thoughtful and sensuous. Building on the same, this book is a collection of poems. While some are based on personal experiences, others are handpicked from our social portrait of a stationed thought. The phrase "Clause of Silence" is hence, a reference to the countless things unspoken and unheard of, yet complete and elegant in its probable existence. 

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An Invitation

Time Wouldn’t wait
And we are here, forever and always,
That,we can’t say it.
All hope living among today,
Is a tomorrow, never short of late.

For now, I’m falling below my sea,
To the place under a beautiful tree,
And see, calling out, your hand.
Among others that may never believe,
In the meaningful beauty of that land.

So here I stand and say,
You would love that moment today.
Mist of an early morning December,
A minor life time of clay,
That you’ll always remember.

-An Invitation

Silence, even in its emptiness can hold us thoughtful and sensuous. Building on the same, this book is a collection of poems. While some are based on personal experiences, others are handpicked from our social portrait of a stationed thought in mind. The phrase "Clause of Silence" is hence, a reference to the countless things unspoken and unheard of, yet complete and elegant in its probable existence. 

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