Friday, 24 October 2014

An Invitation

Time Wouldn’t wait
And we are here, forever and always,
That,we can’t say it.
All hope living among today,
Is a tomorrow, never short of late.

For now, I’m falling below my sea,
To the place under a beautiful tree,
And see, calling out, your hand.
Among others that may never believe,
In the meaningful beauty of that land.

So here I stand and say,
You would love that moment today.
Mist of an early morning December,
A minor life time of clay,
That you’ll always remember.

-An Invitation

Silence, even in its emptiness can hold us thoughtful and sensuous. Building on the same, this book is a collection of poems. While some are based on personal experiences, others are handpicked from our social portrait of a stationed thought in mind. The phrase "Clause of Silence" is hence, a reference to the countless things unspoken and unheard of, yet complete and elegant in its probable existence. 

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