Friday, 24 October 2014

Winter Poetic

Winter Poetic

Tilting time and breaking just,
Flow of water such in a hold
that embraced the breeze now must
Spurn a chill unfurl unfold

woven white such in a sprawl
Spanning patterns well concerned
Warmth beholding crystals’ fall
Wailing and upheld un-urned

Snowed and a dowsed  ground
Winter such you come adorned
That Vowed to your solemn sound
I sing unravelled and unthroned

  Accross cultures, there are few instances as encouraging as the the viabeauant spirit of celebration in the coldness of winter.

At the time when water starts standing, we find a reason in stories to embrace the chills by gathering and conforming traditions rooted natively in our belief.

Winter of past

Inevitable, it is that time of year again
the season of flowers, followed by summers and rain
winters must wait, now yet another year
and chills, these pleasant faces, would not have to bear

the forests would flaunt, with breeze a greener a cloak
and shoulders of silk, as the sun they soak
children would too, now bring out some toy
with mornings less lazy, to jump out and enjoy

the rivers will bulge, to a louder size
and nests lay crazy with the offspring’s cries
the cattle would too,not scramble through waste
with food and drinks in abundance of taste

dear dying winters, do not be saddened by this
more than all others, it is you I will miss
and all memories to us that belong
your saddened mornings that barely lasted long 

like flowers that bloom under your wing
and wonder of night, of cold dithering
 like the simple thought of those fingers
the warmth I felt, if only it were winters

Silence, even in its emptiness can hold us thoughtful and sensuous. Building on the same, this book is a collection of poems. While some are based on personal experiences, others are handpicked from our social portrait of a stationed thought. The phrase "Clause of Silence" is hence, a reference to the countless things unspoken and unheard of, yet complete and elegant in its probable existence. 

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