Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Mother's Dream

 Mother dear, your pat on fore,
melts years, like a splash on shore,
And brings to me, so well in spate,
Treasures of life, tunings of fate.
With curtains just, in my view, 
from awakenings, you finely drew,
While one hand holds aplate, 
savours of mornings, delicate.

Spanned across, all of which, 
are outlines of, the love you stitch,
Natured to tandem, a nurtured mix, 
With heartfelt care, in meals you fix.

a turning, and a flashing world,
Twinkling, and raging hurled,
trailing, a golden means behind,
Of fragrant miracles, enclosed inclined,

A mother who has 3 children and countless dreams

In a wonder, this is as far
as light could go, from a star,
like your palms  waving in urns , 
Of god in its colours taking turns,

Just to put some light again,
On me, oh mother, your dreams pertain.

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