Monday, 17 August 2015

Me and you

If ever a word on such day
You wish I heard as you’d say
If ever some dream from your sky
You wish had fallen within my eye
I’ve wished the beauty I stand and stare
To fall on us in equal share
If in my words ever you found
Somewhere hidden a healing sound
If ever the things that have you tied
Were spoken without you having tried
You’ve heard all stories of my dark and blue
And known it all without a clue

Monday, 1 June 2015

Again and again - life and religion - Conduction

Again and again

Again and again, 
May we sit facing
Each other's quaint

Hearts still racing

Winged momentous upon a span
Bouyant through the dusk and dawn
Dancing earthened an inspan
To a tap in a string drawn

Anuj Ravi


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Shearing water - Cytokinesis

Shearing water

Tumbling, I hold a tear
Content with a window's snare
Tauten just, to let flow through
A blink of light pulsating in pair
Setting ablaze eons that flicker
waving ends sensed in a dither
Dancing still, in confined view
A reflection en-tuned to wither
Until only the lashes smear
Pictured flapping flashing clear
Squaring the sphere of life on to
Water spread in a surface shear

Between the extremes of a beginning and an end, stretched over in a constant state of arrival and departure, being one thing and gradually becoming another, all matter seemingly floats in an ethereal belief of existence. An existence that is almost impossible to reason or purpose beyond the comprehensions of desire.

Every breath in makes us want to breathe out. Every breath out, makes us long for more.

Maybe it is gravity pulling it all together in one huddle, but only as long as it collapses eventually, in a gradual cacophony of dispersion and expansion.

like waves, trying to jump out and reach the sky, taking shape, and then falling back down, dissolving with the ocean forever.

Water covers around three quarters of the total surface of earth. Everything living on it is sustained and maintained to an extent of significant constituency. Water is almost a parallel to life.

Sharing water. Separating water from water. Shearing water.

Mist. Fog. Dew. Frost. Ice. Snow. Hail. Clouds. Rain. Puddles. Streams. Falls. Rivers. Seas. Oceans. Veins. Tears.

The only place we can fill in is our senses. Sight. Sound. Smell. Touch. Understand.

 Cytokinesis is the physical process of cell division, which divides the cytoplasm of a parental cell into two daughter cells.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

life in a box - the seed

Life in a box
The seed

life how in measures mere
Different in hearts and rocks
You await spurned and clear
To tell this tale of a box in a box 
Where falling each to your pull
just in a circle full
We Are herded in flocks

Life sprouts on matter still
In crawling light of a will
Such before acquiring form
There is a gush in the heart a rush in the storm

Saturday, 28 February 2015

In loving memory - a picture of perfect imperfections

In loving memory 

Oh, how could you go
without meeting me
ignoring the many so
conversations that could have been

"In your memory" a paper says
oh, how could you leave
bade embracing your days
compelling me, to ever grieve

An empty house - linguistics

An empty house - linguistics 

An empty house, across the world it stares
at the darkest corners of my share
and into it's broken windows i peek
listen to it's hollows when they speak

Lean down for stories on it's walls
scriblings of sandstorms, and snowfalls
suddenly in rain it's confess
that its only friend, is loneliness

An empty house, across the oceans shows
every lane that it knows
every world that it had built
and how the pale garden leaves had wilt

Through days and dark, i see it grow old
holding it's treasures in this dark and cold
and as i wish for this thunder to be gone
it sits in its fences and looks on


An empty house across the galaxies i stare
at the deepest shades, in its layers
and in my hallway it's silence echoes
as the stare is strenghtened and darkness grows

Silence is deeper than voice.
Voice can go farther than silence.

Along pause

Trees fly
moments leave
Winds walk,
rivers float
Wide gaps

* * *

In your dreams i saw
Trees with a perfect flight
how moments could leave you
oh misty wind, your walk in twilight

Like rivers float to the sea
with intervals of flood and drought
Gaps crawl converging to be
A beautiful as your thought

Thursday, 26 February 2015



each dawn, dim with tire
Fighting the nights, doused in a fire
It shows not a line on its face
burning till the final trace

some worship the immortal blaze
and fill their falls with its glaze
but fail to hear its dying screams
as it drowns hopefull, again we'll wake from our dreams

Remember the star 
hung in the dark
With a feeble light
Spiralling stark
From time and space 
that once aligned
Two entities of grace
In body soul and mind



Breeze you 
gently swayed
Watching through 
the rise and fade

All my mind you filled with thought
Of the fragrance that you brought
Closing my eyes, drawing to pray
Always in your flow to be sought 

Where ever to now you do leave
Pressing your touch on my sleeve
As a word last that you may
Whisper closer, returning someday

Breeze you 
Gently stayed 
Watching through 
the rise and fade

Memory's deceit

Memory's deceit

somewhere in the dark you see
lives that seldom memory
silent toes its steps arrive
and lays its arms all over me

countless times i've felt deceive
as the thought would fail to cease
of its words that bring respite
and hold my hand in silent greives

yet somewhere in the past it leaves
a heartfull of love that seems to please
even in nights of fear and fright
and weaves its form in memories

Over come

Over come

don't let sadness, come so near
that all it leads to, is constant fear
and never those things, should hurt again
of which thou say, thou know that pain

Often thy fields will crack
and sorrows will linger around thy track
But dear, the fear of mountains steep
thou shall overcome in thy smallest leap

The way out of sleep

The way out of sleep

I thoughtlessly linger,
And wonder:
How inspite that we weep,
And pass to fall out of sleep,
With back aches still under.
Spilled, stilled
And filled,
Eyes with a thunder.

We've fallen through many,
And any,
Falls that brought out,
The purest of shout,
Knowing it'd all be in vain.
Broken, Mistaken
And knees well shaken,
We've all lived in pain.

In each day,
Some way,
We held each other,
Helped out another,
From silence and absence of dreams.
Countless still dying,
In sighing,
Surrounded by screams.

Finally in sleep,
We see,
The dreams that we've shed off,
And the ones that we let off,
And how in a moment we may keep.
Nurtured and tortured,
Trying to figure,
Still a way out of deep.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Valiant petals

Valiant Petals 
~Viking's cure

 today as i come about
Upon the earth, around a snout
Of your branching searching ends
Sprawling a hope in fore-fends

Where i may lean and unfold
Through your roots in your hold
And come to bloom a color fair
Of petals valiant longing midair

And then again under your shade
I fall to memories that did not fade
Of a breeze playing propends
Voicing a moment still impends

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

into the blue

Into the blue

Rainbows and showers have only brought
Loveliness similar to that thought
Of belonging unsecerned in it
Drowning hopeful in the dreams we ought

Darkness crawls over in layers
Buckets rain thunder scares
Expression of pain this dimly lit
A plunge to live with all our fears

The wind then blew
Turned me around
Everything it threw
Yet i found
A push
To continue
Deeper into the blue

Wishful like a wailing leaf 
Waiting with fading grief
Storming closer bit by bit
Sailing farther, deep in belief 

Winds from spring that make us lush
Chose these leaves in a pattern to flush
For abandoned none other would benefit 
Or find charm in sadness' mush

Toppling and fallen the rain then arrives
A pleasant ecstasy in the mind thrives
Understanding the longing that does not fit
sorrows drizzling then it drives

Clouds then drew
Echoes of sounds
A world washed new
Yet i still found
A push
To continue
Deeper into the blue

Tattoo - otinflewer studio

Monday, 2 February 2015

flautist's preservance


Thirty yards on legs and a stick
He covered to appear the first day
As carts blurted forgetting his pick
Leaving him lost, in a world astray

In between his pervasive silence of smile
Hid his bag of fortune saved this while
'to liven, you give and you'll get,
Love for all is the purest bet.'

Soon after he sang the night
The dawn missed his last words 
Embracing a key in his hand tight
He had left before the morning birds 

His words stilled and filled my head
As I opened the trasure he hailed
I could imagine gold keys under a bed
But his preservance had my heart wailed

'I give you, you give everyone,
Smile a million years strong'
A pair of hands turning desolate lone
Honing wood with its own song

Sunday, 25 January 2015

worlds apart

Worlds apart

Many a dreamy worlds away
Her echoes of darkness, dance all day 
Trees of unheard colours there lie
That world of her's with a purple sky
Oh standing solitary with a spirit ever free
A lonely maiden was all i could see
Though i lived ever a tenous firefly
But like a desolate moon for an unmatched sea

Wishing dawn

Wishing dawn

How may we tell what all we wished,
When in our trysts we seldom missed,
To put our heartened words across,
The fear of absence from our toss.

A litle sun, in a bundle of light,
Flew around, forth tandemed-night,
Sprawling, spanning, like scattered seeds,
Gleaming a sky, each silently heeds.

Leaning, inclined, wandered and smeared,
Warding the closures forsakingly feared,
Within each moment of present and past,
Sighting towards a view that would last.

As u leave, ur words behind,
Ur tender touch, your smile kind,
U leave me in a world well drawn,
Such that I see u in every dawn


On the verge of destiny

Often in an amble of thought,
Outlines of several footsteps I caught,
Along with a shadow firm and complete,
A story that time could not defeat.

A stature in epics well foretold,
Match to the pictures we clearly hold,
In search of an answer strung unknown,
To questions of life evenly thrown.

On that verge, in the end of our search,
We wander how high, we placed our perch,
Just to attain, a fair clear sight,
Unaware of how time, prepares its fight.

Each word we then draw, we form a peril,
In a tip-toe of wanders, the battle is still,
Against a world that seldom fails,
To guide us through our destined trails.

long love

Long love
From the moment we leaned in for a talk,
To a wander through towards our walk,
The paths were not ours, not ours were the trees,
Yet strung together, for years, through the breeze,
We struck each other to leave our mark
In building a fire, from a spark,
The sands knew no hours, no words knew the seeds
Yet we hung together, for other, just to please
And a little by little, drifting still
Towards our hopes of destined will,
Our Hearts felt no fear, no fear could reach,
As mirrored to the other we were fated each.
So Into a tumble, a scramble of gaze,
Sighting inside our matching maze,
we live in each other, each credible way,
A long love in circles, of night and day.


Spells -

As a picture it clearly fits,
The wands from magic, the spells from wits.
The stories from books that elders told,
a world that bends, where, time folds.

Chorused, a faith still sounds,
On idols of wisdom, and statues on grounds,
The paths well beaten, well travelled and strolled,
By lights through different races and moulds.

So now i pick, what i'm able to hold,
From decades of learning, the fine through bold,
The crafts refined, that man can learn,
And put to test the worth of my yearn.

Yet, such is fate, on our side,
Though little we are gods, under tender hide,
But, still from our stories, we can not tell,
Which words missed luck, which spells did well.

life reactions

Life reactions

Oh how faithful, how elusive,
We form a mesh, in the choice to live,
Smearing our ends, in a constant stir,
To touch and sense, the primordial blur

Oh how brittle, how well defined,
We build a view, curved and lined,
Patterned with space that intervenes,
To wander and align, with curated means.

Oh how clear,  just impressionably loud,
We intone a feeling, from reflections around,
Tying our breaths, with tongues in a prose,
To hear and conform,  what it could enclose.

Oh how alive, how momentarily instilled,
We converge our perception, to a vessel filled,
Searching still, with a constant embrace, 
In a fated tumble, as a sensuous face.

Eventually an expression, groomed in will,
We put together, from pictures that fill,
Strung in a story, with percepted clings,
In efforts to confide, a rustle in the wings.

Oh how common, now gestures renounce,
our greetings spelled, ounce by ounce,
Adding to conversations, trying to please,
A moment of time, while tuning our keys.

Oh such is life, in its reaction,
Each brink we grow, we form a fraction.
Interfacing, in the confines of our skin,
The balance of organs, on a line thin.


when curtains come down, the clock still ticks.
in memories frozen, a wave still picks.
to your acts, to your glories.
your beautiful  presentation of stories

carved impressions

carved impressions

I think the colours of a talk,
Still such that they only,
Fill in sight of a walk,
Wet, earthened, and lonely,

Till, crashing and washing ashore,
A shade is carved unlike before.

Wordless heart

Wordless heart pries
After our little-lead trailed swerve,
On whispers of winds, tracing a nerve,
We talk on for hours building to be heard,
A garland of strewing, word by word.

Until our brittle-borne claimed flight,
Of ceasing a day or meanings by night,
Unmoved,  unshaken,  spotless and clear
Facing the truths we happen to bear.
And we sit stilled gazing, knowing that none,
Word goes farther than where we've begun,
Wishful, indulgent, still hoping our tries,
Will bring to form, what heart pries.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

winter again

Winter again 

Cold, your spell malign
curls breeze and tells entwine
 tales in the stranded remain
Of Water enchanted and the pine

Staying and moving just little
In a dance, delicate and brittle
Embracing, the lonely fain
snowflakes, with a melting skittle

Trying still, to cure anew
Wounds borne in a lieu
Conferred in a parting abstain
The Inflictions from words few

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