Sunday, 25 January 2015

life reactions

Life reactions

Oh how faithful, how elusive,
We form a mesh, in the choice to live,
Smearing our ends, in a constant stir,
To touch and sense, the primordial blur

Oh how brittle, how well defined,
We build a view, curved and lined,
Patterned with space that intervenes,
To wander and align, with curated means.

Oh how clear,  just impressionably loud,
We intone a feeling, from reflections around,
Tying our breaths, with tongues in a prose,
To hear and conform,  what it could enclose.

Oh how alive, how momentarily instilled,
We converge our perception, to a vessel filled,
Searching still, with a constant embrace, 
In a fated tumble, as a sensuous face.

Eventually an expression, groomed in will,
We put together, from pictures that fill,
Strung in a story, with percepted clings,
In efforts to confide, a rustle in the wings.

Oh how common, now gestures renounce,
our greetings spelled, ounce by ounce,
Adding to conversations, trying to please,
A moment of time, while tuning our keys.

Oh such is life, in its reaction,
Each brink we grow, we form a fraction.
Interfacing, in the confines of our skin,
The balance of organs, on a line thin.

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