Sunday, 25 January 2015

long love

Long love
From the moment we leaned in for a talk,
To a wander through towards our walk,
The paths were not ours, not ours were the trees,
Yet strung together, for years, through the breeze,
We struck each other to leave our mark
In building a fire, from a spark,
The sands knew no hours, no words knew the seeds
Yet we hung together, for other, just to please
And a little by little, drifting still
Towards our hopes of destined will,
Our Hearts felt no fear, no fear could reach,
As mirrored to the other we were fated each.
So Into a tumble, a scramble of gaze,
Sighting inside our matching maze,
we live in each other, each credible way,
A long love in circles, of night and day.

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