Saturday, 28 February 2015

An empty house - linguistics

An empty house - linguistics 

An empty house, across the world it stares
at the darkest corners of my share
and into it's broken windows i peek
listen to it's hollows when they speak

Lean down for stories on it's walls
scriblings of sandstorms, and snowfalls
suddenly in rain it's confess
that its only friend, is loneliness

An empty house, across the oceans shows
every lane that it knows
every world that it had built
and how the pale garden leaves had wilt

Through days and dark, i see it grow old
holding it's treasures in this dark and cold
and as i wish for this thunder to be gone
it sits in its fences and looks on


An empty house across the galaxies i stare
at the deepest shades, in its layers
and in my hallway it's silence echoes
as the stare is strenghtened and darkness grows

Silence is deeper than voice.
Voice can go farther than silence.

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