Tuesday, 3 February 2015

into the blue

Into the blue

Rainbows and showers have only brought
Loveliness similar to that thought
Of belonging unsecerned in it
Drowning hopeful in the dreams we ought

Darkness crawls over in layers
Buckets rain thunder scares
Expression of pain this dimly lit
A plunge to live with all our fears

The wind then blew
Turned me around
Everything it threw
Yet i found
A push
To continue
Deeper into the blue

Wishful like a wailing leaf 
Waiting with fading grief
Storming closer bit by bit
Sailing farther, deep in belief 

Winds from spring that make us lush
Chose these leaves in a pattern to flush
For abandoned none other would benefit 
Or find charm in sadness' mush

Toppling and fallen the rain then arrives
A pleasant ecstasy in the mind thrives
Understanding the longing that does not fit
sorrows drizzling then it drives

Clouds then drew
Echoes of sounds
A world washed new
Yet i still found
A push
To continue
Deeper into the blue

Tattoo - otinflewer studio

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful !
    Keep up the work Anuj ...
    Waiting for more.


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