Thursday, 26 February 2015

The way out of sleep

The way out of sleep

I thoughtlessly linger,
And wonder:
How inspite that we weep,
And pass to fall out of sleep,
With back aches still under.
Spilled, stilled
And filled,
Eyes with a thunder.

We've fallen through many,
And any,
Falls that brought out,
The purest of shout,
Knowing it'd all be in vain.
Broken, Mistaken
And knees well shaken,
We've all lived in pain.

In each day,
Some way,
We held each other,
Helped out another,
From silence and absence of dreams.
Countless still dying,
In sighing,
Surrounded by screams.

Finally in sleep,
We see,
The dreams that we've shed off,
And the ones that we let off,
And how in a moment we may keep.
Nurtured and tortured,
Trying to figure,
Still a way out of deep.

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