Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Shearing water - Cytokinesis

Shearing water

Tumbling, I hold a tear
Content with a window's snare
Tauten just, to let flow through
A blink of light pulsating in pair
Setting ablaze eons that flicker
waving ends sensed in a dither
Dancing still, in confined view
A reflection en-tuned to wither
Until only the lashes smear
Pictured flapping flashing clear
Squaring the sphere of life on to
Water spread in a surface shear

Between the extremes of a beginning and an end, stretched over in a constant state of arrival and departure, being one thing and gradually becoming another, all matter seemingly floats in an ethereal belief of existence. An existence that is almost impossible to reason or purpose beyond the comprehensions of desire.

Every breath in makes us want to breathe out. Every breath out, makes us long for more.

Maybe it is gravity pulling it all together in one huddle, but only as long as it collapses eventually, in a gradual cacophony of dispersion and expansion.

like waves, trying to jump out and reach the sky, taking shape, and then falling back down, dissolving with the ocean forever.

Water covers around three quarters of the total surface of earth. Everything living on it is sustained and maintained to an extent of significant constituency. Water is almost a parallel to life.

Sharing water. Separating water from water. Shearing water.

Mist. Fog. Dew. Frost. Ice. Snow. Hail. Clouds. Rain. Puddles. Streams. Falls. Rivers. Seas. Oceans. Veins. Tears.

The only place we can fill in is our senses. Sight. Sound. Smell. Touch. Understand.

 Cytokinesis is the physical process of cell division, which divides the cytoplasm of a parental cell into two daughter cells.

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