Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Rise India wise India

Rise India wise India 
Keep up the surprise India 

Join the revolution 
Join the team

Pulwama under battle ground

Rage of india, a time to Join hands and answer the call of justice to the pride of martyrs of humanity and their families. dont spare a colour in ur imagination in wake of this now Tactical takedown of terrorism and insurgencies across india. This battle will be long and unprecedented. Everything that can be done, needs to be done.

You should know, You can kill a human, but you cant kill humanity
Because we know, we can defeat an ememy with wisdom. But if the enemy is not wise, its better to kill them.

Chitrayog revolution begins with the Intellectual armament of society through dimentional rationalities cornering the chaos generated by rampant non social elements. Each one of us needs to arm ourself in this war. Once its over and the dust settles, we will obliterate every strand in the tainted fabric of gutless terrorist and their puny idealogies.

The revolution is inspired from the vision of social activist and creative innovator Hunny Mor who is recognised for his works in the field of street art and sculptures.

The team, equipped with the power of Human expression is now going all in for the resurrection of beauty and structure, combined in the integrity  of our social resolutions.  We will sow seeds to reap the strengths of unity. We will leave no stone unturned in the diversity of our quarks.

Artist Ravi Koranga is heading the Neo tagging brigade which will create territorial marking using strategic instruments of native imagination and technology. The product of their efforts can already be witnessed in the colourfully buoyant graffiti you can see in several cities across India.

The weapon of destruction

the end you seek to gardens of bloom,
days of sorrow and a world of doom.
our hate is not new, to accept it is our due,
we all must do. we all must do.

since when did knives sharpen our smiles?
Heated to melt, lips stretched miles.
one is the happiness we sake,
the other letting the edge take.

and here i go wrong again,
as i miss spell the weapon that is main.
knives and swords would tame us long ago,
now they handle the garden overgrowth.

our hate is not new, to accept it is our due,
we all must do. we all must do.

then and now we've come a long way,
now we cushion our feet so sore.
often we crawled to the happiest day,
yet we seek an end to the tunnel we bore.

hoping for light on the other side,
this long dark hollow we can not hide.
now we decide, when we began this fall?
now we decide, the greatest weapon of all!

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Delhi street art

The purpose to Street Art.

excerpt from an exclusive interview with art diector Hunny more and art curator Ravi koranga.

"inspired by personal experiences of public utilities we were motivated to create awareness about personal and social hygiene focusing on sanitation and encouraging good practices in public areas."
"in order to create the relvant impact on social behaviour we decided to share our ability to decorate and preserve on the walls of public toilets across gurugram
this initiative was made possible with the national vision of swach bharat abhyan and constitutional provisions by the efforts of muncipal corporation of gurugram."
"with the opportunity to work for chitrayog our pleadge to beautify our surroundings found a resonance with a greater social responsibility. As a chitrayogee we are committed to a clean and beautiful society."
"our work in gurugram, where we have completed beautification of 30 separate locations, is one in the line of several initiatives by chitrayog with government authorities and civic bodies around the country. collectively our series of proposed projects aim to create a vibrance and beautifucation across the country, celebrating the ongoing Chitrayog Art Festival."

Chitrayog revolution

chitrayog is defined as ordinating the mind visualy. It attempts to stimulate intrapersonal indulgence through a window of social reflection. We believe in creating more and more social avenues for cultural interactions, which are necessary for evolutionary amalgamation. leading by example for a foot forward towards a more aware and responsible society, as a collective organisation, our aim is also to create participation and  interdependence within human communities.

taking a leaf from synesthesia, which is the brain's novelty for creating complex and worthy connections, through the significance of visual values, we attempt to tap in to the  social capability of learning and focussing aided through visual mediums of community art and culture. The effort is to expatiate the learning pallet beyond school corridors and homes, giving pictures to social determination in public areas .

the heritage.
time and space has witnessed what consciousness can achieve. in this everchanging world that we all inherit, the pinnacle is but footprints on the sands of time. mankind has build wanders of creative occupation throughout its reach and have attempted to conserve the  almighty word of its intellect through its brilliance of communication.

tradition and culture are two of the most intense identities that have guided the human glide over prosperity as much as it has been the bone of contention for conflicts and disagreements. today the world, though orginating on common grounds, yet has come to be divided into several distinct and ingenious communties. this diversity has set pace to human development but requires the master catalyst of art to remain functionally oriented. what we commonly describe as art are the stories that surface through mediums of interest and proliferation such that we may say for humans, our heritage has been our art. chitrayog tries to keep the vibrance of this artistic heritage buoyant in its evolution and connecting the stories further.

the harmony
the art scene today, like never before, is exploding with ideas and expressions that have transcended into the age of information. with every instance of possibility that it can trend, the concept of lifestyle and identities has certainly come to life. being aware is a collective trend and that information which is shared among most has great pottential. it is being attempted to creat representations of such possible global harmony into greater and greater space.

We are the Chitrayogis

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