Monday, 3 June 2019

A crown of clay

A crown of clay

Without a doubt, the earth is our crown. However,  it takes a great toil to shape and polish that part, which one may coronate itself of.

In the quest for leadership life has gained access to the reservoirs of an ever-expanding kingdom, the universe, through its many forms.

However, momentary is the nature of absolum. Yet, the treasure of wealth we inherit in this lineage of purpose,  locked in the rigidity of natural laws, has allowed us access to it's transiting distributaries of flow and energy. Although our attempts to quantify the absolute, has had us embracing the surface of a sun, but it is merely in the interacting extremities of nature, conserved under the overlaps of tangible cycles,  that we are able to sustain our will. Alive, walking our pursuit, on the thinnest possible path of existence. While Inventions have been our comfort, the balance of life has been crafted well with the delicate carving of exclusions defined in our undeniable survival. Us, who have survived,  each has a story unique to the point of genetics and possibly further. And within us each is a unique pattern of evolution that hoists our claim to an imaginary perfection that we hear about in stories of unison and singularity

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